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Programming, Ice Cold and Digested.


This website and kvarn.org is running on the web server Kvarn, a project of which I'm a lead developer.

I've written an extensive introduction to programming which brings up all the major parts of being a full-stack developer; git, web frameworks, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and more.

If you need any free APIs, check out my services. For now, you get DNS lookups, your IP address, and DNS over TLS checks. You can also search this site using the API.

For some solid privacy arguments for all to relate to, see my collection.

Maintained projects

An outside reflection of hurricane Ian

Media and news make disasters seem abstract. I detail my first-hand experience of the aftermath of hurricane Ian, with photographs delivering the vibe. There's some insights into climate change and American culture too.

Kvarn web server

My open source web server built with the newest technologies to be fast and rethinks conventional configuration to make it near plug and play for all uses.

Online documentation

Online documentation of all my projects, so you can easily look up how to use them.

Available at the memorable doc.icelk.dev.

DNS services

Privacy first, secure, and free DNS resolver.

Gives you access (on the web) to DNS lookup, DNS over TLS verification, and an API to get your public IP.


A open source framework and binary for controlling PWM units, such as lights and fans. Comes with a nice web app to control a Raspberry Pi PWM output.

My articles

All my articles, including a comprehensive beginner-friendly guide to programming, and setting up a complete online development environment.

If you want to get into programming, but have little prior knowledge about computers, you can follow my new introduction to programming.