My articles

This is a collection of the articles I’ve written about programming, physics, FOSS, ethical software, and really anything interesting.

Writing a search engine over Christmas

So I built a search engine. In two and a half weeks. During Christmas. This will teach you about how they work, how incredible binary trees are, and how to harness sorted iterators for super-fast query response times.

Privacy arguments

A collection of articles highlighting the importance of privacy, to everybody.

Private and fast DNS server setup | Unbound

A tutorial on setting up a Unbound server for faster, more private and secure DNS.

See the new DNS page which contains several useful DNS tools and this very setup available for free for you, without you being the product (read:

An introduction to full-stack development

A tutorial about getting started with programming a complete application, including everyting from JavaScript to creating the web site in HTML, to styling it in CSS, and writing a back-end server in Rust to save data via a REST API.

This article is targeted at all with a interest in learning a new, valuable skill. It features several exersices for you to follow along, and engade in the process.

BTRFS overview and how to convert

A supporting article to my YouTube video. Glosses over why to use BTRFS and useful drive operations, including converting Ext4 to BTRFS and expanding a LUKS partition (with BTRFS on it).

Online VS Code for frontend and backend development on Chromebooks

An article about setting getting VS Code to work on the web for holding a class about programming.
Using this setup, you can develop both frontend HTML applications, and their backend; the users can access all the ports from the web!