A spooky metaphor of Google

You are living your life. On the weekends, you go to the nearest metropolis to shop. In the city, you’re guided by your phone. You walk down the streets, watching the brilliant shop windows. Passing the large clean and spacious central library, the book in your bag reminds you of the new, agreeable literature. If only more were rational, like me, you think.

You and your friends have decided to meet up in a quarter of an hour. Until then, you choose to browse the high street, lately colloquially called “TikTok”. Every shop is more tempting. Unreasonably many have that green blouse you’ve been interested in lately. They somehow know exactly what you want.

Now, imagine a stalker following you around the city. He follows you home. He watches every step you take. When you confront him, he assures it’s for your benefit.

"How can that be," you bravely ask. "I am the roads you walk on, the routes you choose, the shops you buy from, the content of the books you read," he responds. "I administer your experience." "Nearly forgot - I'm also your friends. I pick the most suitable for you" :)

So, what do you think about this?

If you find any holes in my argument, improvements to be made, or other arguments, send me a message!